How to Avoid a Cracked Windshield in Winter

December 9th, 2014 by

Avoiding Attacks on Your Windshield

Every one of us driving in Montana has been startled out of our comfortable driving haze by the “whack” of a piece of gravel thrown by an unsuspecting and innocent fellow driver on the highway.  A cracked windshield is pretty common in Montana especially in the winter. Thanks to our heavy snows, mountain passes, and Montana’s commitment to not using environmentally damaging snow removal chemicals we have to rely on sand and gravel to help keep our vehicles on the road. Unfortunately, this same gravel has a tendency to be easily grabbed by tires and subsequently launched at our windshields when we least expect it. Very few Montana residents have been able to avoid the resulting cracked windshield this debris can cause. Here are a few driving tips for all of us that need to venture out into the windshield war zone.

1. Follow at a Safe Distance

Following at a safe distance is the catch all of suggestions for the winter. You want to give yourself space to avoid accidents, move around obstacles and to stop quickly. Giving the person in front of you a safe distance also has the added benefit of having less rocks get to you. While it can’t be completely avoided, unless you are extremely lucky, it will give you a better chance to avoid suffering a cracked windshield.

2. Move Quickly, and Safely, Out of Rock Zones by Trucks

Giving the person in front of you space is great when they are going fast enough. However, if they are going too slow you will still have to navigate past them. cracked windshield truck 3That’s where knowing how rocks fly is very important. When you are approaching a vehicle you will want to pay attention to where the rear tires are expelling snow and gravel. This will give you an idea of where the majority of gravel and debris will fly out and where you are most likely to suffer a cracked windshield.  Attempt to minimize your time spent in the “danger zone” and quickly pass through this zone while still following all posted speed limits, and while maintaining a safe driving speed.

3. Use Crystal Fusion (download brochure)

At Ressler Motors we offer a product called Crystal Fusion. What Crystal Fusion does is create a hydrophobic barrier that fuses to the windshield on the molecular level. Without getting into too much detail, what you will get from a treated windshield is more durable surface that offers better protection from road debris.

Crystal Fusion also has the added benefit of making your glass a smoother surface. While glass appears to be very smooth, it actually has a lot of microscopic peaks and craters. These peaks and craters make removing debris, such as ice and bugs, more difficult to remove. With Crystal Fusion, these peaks are leveled a bit, making removal much easier. Crystal Fusion also has the added benefit of providing cracked windshield insurance. Our team at Ressler Motors would be glad to work you up an estimate

For more information or if you have already suffered a cracked windshield this winter, or at any time, please contact Ressler Motors  for a free quote on windshield repair or replacement.