What is a Coolant Flush

December 16th, 2014 by

First off, your coolant system is designed to keep your vehicle from overheating, and from freezing. The contained system has a solution that freezes at extremely cool temperatures but still acts as a very good heat sink (absorber). The reason why this system gets flushed is that it does contain water within the mixture. As you probably know, water is one of the most damaging compounds on our planet, and it can cause the metal in your system to rust.

Thankfully, the other parts of the solution help keep this from happening. However, that isn’t to say that it is perfect.

Why You Should Get Your Coolant System Flushed

Eventually, your cooling system solution will cause a little bit of scaling and rust. By flushing out the system you can remove any floating particles, and dislodge any scale that may cause a problem in the future. After the system is flushed it will be filled up with new coolant solution, thus prolonging your vehicles life.

How Often Should You Flush It

When you get your oil changed at Ressler Motors we keep an eye on your coolant system in two ways. First, our system notifies us when your vehicle’s manufacturer suggests when the coolant system should be flushed. Secondly, we check your solution to make sure that it appears clean and is still qualified to keep your engine safe from freezing or overheating in our extreme Montana temps. So, how often you get a coolant flush depends on your vehicle, and how it has been driven.

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