The Value of Being Good Community Citizens

We give willingly to and are actively involved in the support of our communities because they provide us our success.

This value is something we take to heart. The Ressler Motors name comes from the man behind the legacy - Dave Ressler, an automotive enthusiast and philanthropist who believed that the best thing to do with success was to share it with others. Dave made it a priority to support the community that was supporting his business, and thus over years of continuous sponsorship, volunteering, and charity work carried out both by the man himself and his employees on his behalf, our catchphrase "Community Born, Community Driven" was brought to life. 

With the leadership of our Dealer Principals Jeffrey Kayser and Donald Javing, we continue to carry the torch that Dave lit so many years ago. To date, Ressler Motors still sponsors over 40 local organizations, and raised over $50,000 for charities including Haven MT, Cancer Support Community Montana, and Make-A-Wish South Dakota/Montana. We actively participate in the Gallatin Valley Food Bank's Can the Griz Food Drive each year, both volunteering and donating food items. Just like the man who lit the torch we now carry, we believe our community is directly responsible for our success in the automotive industry, and we are committed to pouring back into that community each and every year. We employ over 450 local Montanans, making us the third largest local employer in Bozeman.

Prioritizing Community During a Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in the Spring of 2020, our Marketing team quickly began the process of integrating tools to continue serving our community with safe, reliable transportation despite the barrage of federal, state, and county restrictions looming ahead. It was no easy task to purchase, implement and train our employees on the proper use of Digital Retailing tools across all of our dealerships and service centers, but we rolled up our sleeves, put on our masks, and made it happen.

It is precisely because of our focus on community that we were able to make these changes so quickly, with minimal interruption to business, because even with 450 employees, our organization has maintained a culture focused on teamwork and integrity, and we treat each other like family, always looking out for one another and going above and beyond obligation and expectation wherever possible. Our company functions like a tightly-knit community, and we extend that same passion for teamwork and support to our customers.

We are proud to offer our customers a safe, comfortable space to do business, but perhaps even more proud to offer contactless purchasing and servicing options for our customers who may be at risk, or simply are uncomfortable visiting our facilities in person.

Ressler Motors
Community Born. Community Driven.

How We Handled COVID-19