Chevrolet’s Day It Forward

February 23rd, 2016 by

day it forward

We are excited this month, do you know why? Because it is a Leap Year! To celebrate, Chevrolet is making big plans for the extra day in 2016! You’ve heard of “Pay it Forward”, but Chevrolet wants to know what you plan on doing to make the 29th day of February special for those around you! With “Day it Forward”, you can make the unaccounted for day of 2016 dedicated to making the lives of those around you better!

Hashtag, Comment, Share, Spread

February 29th is a fantastic day to make extra effort to appreciate those around you. In just a few short days, we encourage you to hashtag #Dayitforward, and tell us what you are doing! Whether you decide to pay for the coffee for the person behind you in line, tell your boss just how much you appreciate them, or plan a date for your spouse, there are a ton of ways to make this leap year full of joy, respect, appreciation, and love! So, share this blog, comment on the post, tweet it out, and hashtag it!

Ressler Motors and Day It Forward

Oh, and don’t worry. All of us at Ressler Motors plan to be a part of this as well! Throughout the day we will be posting on Facebook and tweeting about the ways in which we are making the 29th of February special for those around us! Take part and join Ressler Motors and Chevrolet as we make 2016, and this Leap Year, great!