Chevrolet Suburban Safety Features

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Chevrolet Suburban Safety

Chevrolet Suburban Safety Features

The Suburban is designed for transporting families and their cargo, therefor safety is a key component while designing this 2015 “Best Cars for Families – SUV” recipient.

The Chevrolet Suburban’s rear park assist (a feature that beeps as the driver nears an object while in reverse), as well as the back up camera (which now feeds into an 8 inch diameter screen on the MyLink Infotainment system), are now standard in all 2015 and newer Suburbans. There are also some added safety features. Front collision alert uses a camera mounted in the rear view mirror and detects when an object is at risk of hitting the Suburban. A visual alert is at the driver instrument panel, and the driver seat vibrates a warning as well. Lane departure assist also buzzes the driver’s seat when the driver drifts into an adjacent lane, encouraging the driver to realign the Suburban with their appropriate lane. Blind side monitoring is extremely helpful in these larger SUV’s, and alerts the driver if his/her blindside detects an objects by illuminating a warning in their side view mirror. Finally, Chevrolet has added to the middle front area to prevent the driver and front passenger from colliding into each other while in a rollover crash.

Of course, there are plenty safety features that have remained a standard on Chevrolet Suburban. The SUV’s constituents are protected by surrounding themselves in a reinforced, high strength steel frame. Also, the engine is designed to slip below the vehicle if front collision occurs to avoid a cluster of objects impacting the driver and passengers. Finally, OnStar is available to aid in any crash with various packages to choose from. To view our entire inventory of new Suburbans please click HERE.

Driver and passenger confidence is an amenity often overlooked while choosing a vehicle. Stop by Ressler Motors to experience all the safety components Chevrolet has considered in designing the perfect SUV for you and your family.  Should you like to learn more, contact me , my name is Jenny Walby, and I am a Sales Professional with Ressler Motors. You can call me at 406-581-3994 or e-mail me at I’d be happy to introduce you to this current American favorite that once again, won best in class.


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