What to Bring to a Test Drive

June 19th, 2016 by

What to Bring to a Test Drive

Test driving a vehicle is the only way to really know whether or not a car, truck, or SUV will fit into your specific lifestyle. Whether you’re a big family, small family, business commuter or traveler, or a student needing an efficient ride to and from school, testing out your potential purchase will make you feel confident and at ease. If you have young children, test driving is an important way to gauge whether or not your kids will be comfortable for long journeys. For business commuters, testing the handling is also important to ensure you will feel in control anytime you drive. If you are curious about what to bring to a test drive, don’t worry. Our excellent staff at Ressler Motors has put together a list to help you get the most out of each drive.

Car Seats

If you have kids, you are probably no stranger to the frustration of fitting a car seat into a tight backseat. If you have more than one car seat, the frustration only gets more intense. When you are thinking about buying a new vehicle, bringing your car seat to the test drive will help. Install the car seats you think you will need, both now and in the future, and put the front seats all the way back. If you have trouble installing or removing the car seats, you may need to check out another vehicle. If it’s an easy installation, then take a seat in the driver’s seat and position it to your comfort level. If both are satisfactory, then that particular car, truck, or SUV may be a perfect fit for you.

Dog Kennels

Living in Montana, we all know someone who takes their beloved pet up to the many beautiful hiking trails around the valley, or up to Hyalite during a hot summer day. Having a vehicle that provides space for a dog kennel is important. This will not only protect your car’s interior, but it will keep your precious pet safe. Bring your kennel to your next test drive and let us help you find a vehicle that provides enough cargo space for the kennel, your gear, and more.

Your Lifestyle

It all comes down to your lifestyle. If you’re an avid skier, then make sure to bring your equipment to test out different cargo capacities in different vehicles. If you’re a parent, then bring a stroller in addition to your car seats to see if the car you are interested in has ample space. Without a test drive with the things you do in life, it is impossible to know whether or not you will be happy with your purchase. Of course, any of our staff at Ressler Motors is happy to assist you and help you know what to bring to a test drive. Please swing by today, or schedule a test drive. Let us help you find the right fit!

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