Bridger Ski Foundation

April 24th, 2017 by

Bridger Ski Foundation

Bridger Ski Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was created and founded in Bozeman, Montana. This past year, Bridger Ski Foundation received the Gold Certification, the highest recognition presented by the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Association. Gold Certification from the USSA is a recognition of professionalism, excellence, strength, and depth of the board, staff, coaches, programs, and support from the community.

The Foundation was founded in 1975 under the original name of Bridger Ski Foundation. It was later changed to Bridger Ski Foundation in 1991. With the creation of Bridger Bowl Ski area, local residents volunteered their time, efforts, and materials to ensure the running and continuation of the ski area. After spending much time together for this shared love, relationships, and business partnerships were created. A number of these individuals went on to serve on Bridger Bowl Board of Directors and these individuals created the Bridger Ski Club.

Bridger Ski Foundation’s Mission statement is to inspire a lifelong love of skiing, athletic excellence, and personal growth. Their goal is to create opportunities through educational and competitive programs in Alpine, Freestyle, and Nordic skiing and to groom cross-country ski trails in the Bozeman community.


Support and donations from individuals, foundations, and business partnerships allow the Foundation to groom a substantial number of Nordic ski trails in Bozeman, offer educational and competitive programs for all ages, year-round, in Nordic, Alpine, and Freestyle skiing, inspire a lifelong love of skiing, athletic excellence, and personal growth. Also, these donations contribute to keeping skiing affordable through low program costs, scholarships, financial aid, and equipment assistance, continue Bozeman’s legacy as a foundational ski community where everyone has the opportunity to ski, promote healthy, outdoor lifestyles and enhance community livability. If you are interested in learning more about Bridger Ski Foundation and how you can become involved click HERE.