Bozeman Symphony

April 20th, 2016 by

Bozeman Symphony

The Bozeman Symphony Society was founded in Bozeman in 1968. The Society supports the Bozeman Symphony Orchestra and the Symphonic Choir. Over the last twenty years, the Bozeman Symphony has experienced an overwhelming interest and growth in their program.  In addition to a wide variety of orchestral programming, the Bozeman Symphony supports Far Afield, a highly accessible community outreach program, donates thousands of dollars’ worth of tickets to local nonprofits, awards scholarships to promising young musicians, and provides employment and engagement opportunities for over 300 people.

The mission statement of the Bozeman Symphony is to be dedicated to preserving musical excellence as a living part of our community, now and for future generations, through live performance, education and community partnerships, while maintaining a vigilant devotion to artistic and fiscal integrity.


The Bozeman Symphony Society is located in the newly renovated Willson Auditorium. With seating of just 1,100 people, there is truly not a bad seat in the house.  The sound is incredible and the visuals are great as well. The historic auditorium brings a warm feeling of richness with it every time you walk in and sit down, anticipation flooding your veins until the first note hits, and then – magic.
The holiday season brings the Nutcracker and Holiday on Broadway with special guest Soprano, Anne Runolfsson, whose big, melodious voice combined with live orchestra will give you holiday goose bumps. The New Year brings shows such as Piano Series II featuring Robert Henry, and Return to Carnegie a show-stopping, “elegant” violin masterpiece. February brings a free family concert called “Adventures in Lost Worlds” with dinosaurs, pirates & explorers.

The Bozeman Symphony Society relies heavily on the support and kindness of its community to help it flourish, and function as a source of pride and enjoyment for the community of Bozeman. To that end, donations and fundraising are always welcome. As are volunteers, scholarship participants and more. See a show and help support local organization click HERE.