Bozeman Sunrise Rotary

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Bozeman Sunrise Rotary

The Bozeman Sunrise Rotary Club was founded on December 12, 1992. One of its first projects to serve the Bozeman area, club members officially selected the East Gallatin Recreation Area and began a huge undertaking that helped to clean-up its location, add infrastructure and more activities for  all, and work in conjunction with various, city, county and state agencies to provide beautification to the newly-created park.

Since the club’s origination, their members’ efforts have been honored throughout the state with numerous awards having been given to areas of vocational, community and international service.  In the 2006-07, 2008-09 and 2009-10 Rotary years, their club was awarded the coveted District 5390 medium-sized club of the Year Award (club size from 41-99 members) and in 2012-13 was recognized as the BEST Large club in the district.

Bozeman Sunrise Club renders nearly $100,000 annually, with most going toward supporting charitable giving and service projects in Bozeman and other international locations. They support Polio elimination cause, international service projects providing safe drinking water and water quality around the world, literacy locally and abroad, financial relief to victims of natural disasters, fixing up local homes for elderly and low-income citizens, and a weekly commitment to Meals on Wheels for shut-ins and seniors.

Beginning in the early 1990s. Bozeman local volunteers began an ambitious plan to rehabilitate a local gravel pit into a thriving community park. The volunteers put in several hundred laborious hours themselves with some assistance from city, county and state agencies, they turned over the task ‘park building’ to a fledgling new Rotary Club that chartered in 1992.  As more members joined the club, more and more amenities were added to the park, now officially known as the East Gallatin Recreation Area. East Gallatin has been pleased to receive support from many corporate sponsors, government entities, foundations, businesses and individual contributors. The ultimate success took place in 2014 with the ‘burning of the mortgage’ celebration.

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