Bozeman Police Foundation

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Bozeman Police Foundation

The Bozeman Police Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization established in 2013. Their vision is to foster public safety through community building, education, and outreach. The Bozeman Police Foundation supports the Bozeman Police Department in safety and crime prevention programs. The Foundation strives to support the betterment of the Bozeman Police Department and their employees with training program opportunities that help enhance the relationship between the community and the Bozeman City Police Department.  They also strive to provide citizens with the opportunity to celebrate the successes of the Bozeman Police Department through the combined efforts of the public and the Bozeman Police Department.

The Bozeman Police Foundation’s motto is “Safer, stronger, together”.

The Purpose of The Bozeman Police Foundation is to provide a method for donors to make contributions toward specific programs, events, and items that will allow the Bozeman Police Department to operate more efficiently or that enhances public safety.

The Bozeman Police Foundation is an independent, non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to fostering public safety through community building, education, and outreach. The Foundation is administered by a volunteer Board of Directors and will give businesses and citizens an opportunity to provide monetary support to expand the Bozeman Police Department’s role in keeping our community a great place to reside.

The following projects are currently listed as needs and goals for the Bozeman Police Foundation.  If you are interested in donating, here are a few ways you can give back to the community.


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  • Police Outreach Center and Children’s Police Museum at the Bozeman Public Library
  • An Interactive Tool for children who are Abused & Neglected to Share Their Story
  • Making 1000 Bozeman Bikers Safer Initiative
  • Keeping Dogs Safe by Partnering with Bozeman’s “Lend-a-Leash” Program
  • Community Outreach Events (including the annual National Night Out Against Crime)

If you are interested in learning more about this organization and how you can get involved click HERE.