What Does the Bozeman Lions Club Do

March 9th, 2016 by

lions clubUnfortunately, the Bozeman Lions Club does not deal directly with actual lions. Though you may be able to suggest some sort of support or outreach internationally, there will be no cuddly (yet extremely dangerous) baby lion cubs to snuggle with. (Seriously, have you not seen the youtube videos? One second you’re bottle feeding a baby lion, the next he’s trying to eat your arm for dinner.) However, if you do enjoy community service and making a difference in the world you live in, the Bozeman Lions Club is for you! Plus, you get to keep all of your limbs! The Bozeman Lions Club is part of the international organization, which is the largest service organization in the world. It seeks to serve the community through volunteering, leadership, and organization in a multitude of ways. From purchasing homes for Habitat for Humanity with fundraising, to providing leader dogs to the blind, to supporting a recycling program at Pacific Steel Recycling, there are so many things to get involved with to help better your Bozeman community.

Support Bozeman Lions Club Locally

The Bozeman Lions Club seeks to better the community through volunteering, and participates in so many local things that there are too many to list, but here are just a few: Local Eye and Hearing Care, Bozeman Deaconess Hospital, Hope & Holidays, American Diabetes Association, Boys and Girls Club, Special Olympics, Eagle Mount, and so on. The organization is determined to make a change with the help of community-minded individuals that desire to donate their time or expertise to any areas in need. Volunteers in the Lions Club are provided with “project management assistance, leadership training, personal development opportunities, and organized fundraising programs”.

Support Internationally

Your desire to change the world doesn’t have to end with your neighborhood. By being a member of the Bozeman Lions Club you are also involved in international pursuits of service. The club supports the Sight First II Program which provides grants to fight preventable and reversible blindness. It also garnered a grant for a children’s orphanage in the Philippines, which is currently under construction! No matter what area you decide to become involved with in the Bozeman Lions Club, you will be doing a great thing for your community, for your world, and in turn, for yourself.