Bozeman Figure Skating Club

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Bozeman Figure Skating Club

The Bozeman Figure Skating Club encourages awareness and encourages people of all ages to come participate in the sport of figure skating. Bozeman Figure Skating Club’s mission is to serve as a liaison between the BFSC, USFS, and our home ice facility promoting ice shows, Learn-To-Skate classes, testing, competitions, clinics, and workshops. The Bozeman Figure Skating Club is proudly, an official member of U.S. Figure Skating.

There are several different programs that are available from skating of all ability levels and age ranges.

Group Lessons: Group lessons are specifically designed for beginning skaters. There are different level classes in which Coaches place students, depending on their abilities. At the end of a session, students test in that level. If they pass testing, they move up to the next level. The Learn to Skate program is for ages 4 to adult. The program consists of one ½- hour group lesson per week. Rental skates are included for participants in the Learn To Skate Classes .Warm
clothing (coats, hats and gloves) and toe and hand warmers and some type of helmet are recommended for children taking lessons,

  • Snowplow Sam 1-3
  • Basic 1-8
  • Hockey 1-4
  • Adult 1-4
  • Freeskate 1-6

Bridge Program: These classes are designed and tailored to fit upper level skaters, and are for skaters who have passed Basic 4 and are interested in learning figure skating skills. Rising Star classes have more instruction time and typically smaller classes.

Private lessons are also offered through Bozeman Figure Skating Club. They are typically 15-30 minutes sessions taught one on one by a BFSC approved professional. Hockey Skating technique is also offered through Bozeman Figure Skating Club.

bozeman figure skating club

The Bozeman Figure Skating Club is a non-profit [501(c)3] organization and can accept your tax-deductable donations. The cost to purchase ice time for skaters is significantly subsidized by fundraisers and your generous donations.

To find out more about The Bozeman Figure Skating Club, classes, registration, ice schedules, rules and and guidelines please click HERE.