Chevrolet Traverse Near Bozeman, Montana

Chevrolet Traverse Ressler Motors

When it comes to Chevrolet, “Find new roads” isn’t just the motto, it’s what people of Chevrolet and Ressler Motors strive for. They want to get you in a Traverse that will fit your adventures whether it’s by yourself or with your family. At Ressler Motors, our job is to help you “find new roads”.

Safety Come First

Industry-first front center airbag, forward collision alert, and front pedestrian braking are just a few of the safety features that come standard on the Chevy Traverse. One of the many safety innovations that Chevy has pioneered in the past few years is the Rear Camera Mirror. When the family goes on a road trip, the back tends to get pretty full with bags and any other supplies that may be needed. This can cause the back window to be blocked so much so that the driver cannot see out the back window. This can be dangerous when driving if you need to merge or if an emergency vehicle is coming up quickly behind you but you don’t see him coming. With the Rear Camera Mirror, this is no longer an issue. The rear-view mirror can double as a screen for your back up camera. When running you no longer have to worry about your rear window because you are looking out the back of your Traverse with the help of cameras, making it safer to drive when the Traverse is full.

Space is not a premium

The Chevy Traverse comes standard with the most cargo space in the mid-size SUV category with over 98 cubic feet of space. That is more space than both the explorer and the Highlander. Seating up to eight people, the Traverse has space for all of your loved ones and their cargo. So, come over to Ressler Motors in Bozeman, so the wonderful staff can help you “find new roads” in a new Traverse.