Ressler Reconditioning

We all love that "new car smell", but it doesn't last forever. What if I told you you could have that new car feel all over again. Our team of experts use specialized equipment, high-grade products, and the latest techniques to execute every detail service. Whether it be the kids making a mess, cleaning up after a road trip, or just a good spring cleaning, we can help make your vehicle shine like new.

We will:
  1. Pick up your vehicle
  2. Complete detailing services
  3. Sanitize your vehicle
  4. Return your freshly cleaned vehicle
*When available we can offer you a loaner vehicle while yours is being detailed.*
    8340 Huffine Ln
    Bozeman, MT 59718 

Monday: 8am-5pm
Tuesday: 8am-5pm
Wednesday: 8am-5pm
Thursday: 8am-5pm
Friday: 8am-5pm
Saturday: closed
Sunday: closed
Reconditioning Services
 Service Includes Price and Estimated Time
 Full Detail
 -Exterior hand wash (inc. door jambs, wheel wells & engine) with buff & protective coating of wax.
 -Full interior cleaning with vacuum & trash removal
 -Clean & conditioning of vinyl & leather
 -Spot treatment & shampooing of carpet & upholstery
 -Industrial fan drying
 -Tires & rims get deep cleaned with showroom shine & chrome polish

Estimated time: 8-10 Hours
 Inside Only
 -Exterior hand wash (inc. door jambs, wheel wells & engine)
 -Full interior cleaning with vacuum & trash removal
 -Clean & conditioning of vinyl & leather
 -Spot treatment & shampooing of carpet & upholstery
 -Industrial fan drying
 -Window Cleaning

Estimated time: 8 Hours
 Mini Detail
 -Interior cleaning & vacuum
 -Engine Cleaning
 -Exterior hand wash
 -Vinyl cleaning & conditioning

Estimated Time: 3-5 Hours
A LA CART Services
 $60 - Sanitize Entire Car
 $80 - Spot Treatment (3 Spots)
 $80 - Ozone Treatment
 $105 - Sanitize & Ozone Treatment
 $205 - Buff & Wax
***Some services may require extra time & additional charges***

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A-La-Cart Options
  1. How to drop off before or after hours?
    We have a drop box built into our north facing door. Fill out the form so we know who the car belongs to. Please make sure to leave all contact information and we will contact you after the service is complete.

  2. What happens if I leave stuff in the vehicle?
    It is best if you remove personal items if possible. This will help save time for the tech and speed up the service for you. The techs will return all items found. 

  3. Is there a shuttle service to take me home?
    We do not have porters on the premises but we do utilize the porters from Chevy and Toyota Service. You are able to go back home, to the mall, a restaurant or any other location while you wait for you vehicle to be finished up.

  4. Any rules or suggestions before getting a detail?
    Remove personal items if you can. It is not required but it does help save the tech time. We will remove baby seats but we will not install them. We do not know the specs that they need to be adjusted to to be safe. We do not remove the actual seats of vehicles. This is also due to a safety issue, we are not qualified to replace the seats.
    If you have seat covers and want your seats cleaned underneath, please remove them beforehand. Removing them does take extra time and we do not want to be responsible if they rip or break.