Frustrations abound when you struggle to get pet hair out of your car’s seats. Since you do need to travel with your dog at times, there’s always going to be some dog hair coming loose. Struggling to get rid of pet hair out is unnecessary. There are several ways to do so without any aggravation.

If you use the standard vacuum cleaner at the local car wash, it is understandable that you feel frustrated. Those vacuums usually don’t come with the bristled end, and bristles help pick up the dog hair. Get such an attachment for your home vacuum and use it in the car.

When the job is not too messy, lightly wetting the upholstery starts another simple solution. After it’s wet, wear and swirl a rubber glove across the material. The loose hair should come up.

Many solutions for car care in Montana are hassle-free. Experience even easier maintenance solutions thanks to the service team at Ressler Motors.

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