Big Sky Skating and Hockey Association

April 24th, 2017 by

The Big Sky and Hockey Association

Big Sky and Hockey Association is a local non-profit organization. They aim to provide programming and venues for public ice rink use within Gallatin Valley. Their goal is to provide a facility, equipment, and programming to educate the public concerning figure skating, hockey, and sportsmanship. They also provide high quality and affordable opportunities to every individual within our community of all ages. The BSSHA regulates and operates the rinks. The first ring is larger and is geared towards adults, while the second rink is smaller and directed towards children. The child-friendly rink is open to the public at all times, even when the larger rink is in use for scheduled events.

The idea for the Big Sky and Hockey Association was originated in the 1980’s, following the creation of the Big Sky Resort. In the beginning a seasonal ice rink was created at Big Sky’s Buck’s T-4 Lodge by a number or people who called themselves the Gallatin Canyon Hockey Association. By the end of the 1980’s the interest had disappeared and there was no longer a desire for a rink to be created.

In the early 2000’s, the idea of a skating rink was reborn with the primary use of Hockey still in mind. Bill Simkins and Ryan Hamilton decided to create a rink on their own in Town Center. They soon discovered with the current rink operating in Town Center there seemed to be a growing interest skating and hockey.


In the spring of 2009, a public meeting was held to judge whether there would be enough people interested in the Big Sky Community to finance a hockey-sized rink. A large number of people turned out. Ryan Hamilton then persuaded some of those who had attended the public meeting to become an organizing group and the Big Sky Skating and Hockey Association was born.

The BSSHA also helps to encourage athletic skills and sportsmanship in children. Their belief is that youth sports programs promote good physical and emotional health, leadership skills, and communication skills in young athletes. To learn more about Big Sky Skating and Hockey Association and how you can get involved click HERE.