What is a "Best Price" Dealership?

As a Best Price dealership, our Ressler Motors sales team prices our vehicles at the lowest price from the start. This is a key facet of the "stress-free" shopping experience we aim to provide, and supports our core value of integrity. Unlike dealerships operating under the out-dated "negotiation" model of business in our industry, our salespeople provide the same answer to every customer when it comes to the selling price of our inventory.

By offering our inventory at its lowest possible price right from the beginning of the process and having a consistent $299 Documentation Fee across all our stores, we save time and remove the hassle of the car buying process. Operating as a Best Price dealership is just one of the ways we strive to demonstrate our core values. We believe in honest, transparent business practices, and strive to protect our customers against deceptive practices often found in traditional dealerships today, such as reducing the selling price only to distribute that margin back into the Documentation Fee, Accessory or Warranty products at the end of the sale.
Integrity. Transparency. Accountability.

We believe that everyone deserves an honest, upfront salesman that chooses to put the customer first.

Your experience at Ressler Motors is our number one priority, and we prefer to spend the time during your shopping process getting to know your needs and finding ways to serve you with the best possible vehicle at the best possible price.