Best Places to See Fall Colors Around Bozeman

October 8th, 2015 by

Best Places to See Fall Colors Around Bozeman

One of the best things about living in a place where the seasons change is that the seasons actually change. Unlike your poor relatives living in California or Florida, or somewhere equally inundated with that awful, constant summer, we here in Bozeman get to see it all. Winter, spring, summer, and fall. Although winter tends to dominate the other seasons, they are still there. And they are just as gorgeous. The only thing better than the smell of new pencils and the sound of the crowd at a Cats game this fall are the changing colors around town. Whether you’re on a hike, or driving around town, check out these vibrant, colorful places, inhale deeply from that pack of new #2 pencils you just got, and let that fall feeling really take over your whole body.

Hyalite Canyon

The drive from town to Hyalite in the fall is in itself a beautiful trip. Within minutes you’re on a winding mountain road lined with gorgeous orange, red, and yellow trees, interrupted only by a burbling creek and the occasional tent from campers brave enough to still be out there even when the fall weather starts dipping into the 20s late at night. Once you reach the reservoir your camera will practically be jumping out of your backpack to get the perfect shot. Those trees we mentioned are now on mountain pedestals, their reflections mirror-perfect in the calm reservoir waters. If you’re looking for a gorgeous fall scenery, Hyalite is definitely one of the top spots near Bozeman.

Willson Avenue

Looking to take in some fall colors on your way home? You don’t have to do the bigger trip to Hyalite. Stay in town, drive-thru somewhere and get that pumpkin spice latte you know you’ve been wanting, and take a slow drive down Willson Avenue. The trees make a canopy of golden leaves over the street, and the road almost looks paved in yellow brick because of all scattered fallen leaves. You won’t regret taking the long way home for this.

Bridger Canyon

No, it isn’t ski season yet, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking a drive back into Bridger Canyon. Call shotgun, take your shoes off, put your feet up on the dash and hug your knees as you take in the beauty of the Aspen-lined mountains and all the comforting colors that come with it.

Lindley Park

Lindley Park is a little slice of quiet in the downtown bustle of the big city that is Bozeman. And your California/Florida relatives are laughing at that right now, but you know what we mean. Lindley Park is not only a great place to take the kids to play, but you can also take your special friend there for a blanket picnic. Pop open some bubbly or pour yourself some hot cocoa and snuggle up in the crisp fall air under one of the park’s Sugar Maple trees – its striking red leaves dancing above you will make you feel as if you were in a living postcard.