Benefits of Leasing a Toyota

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Leasing vs Buying a Toyota in Bozeman

If you are one of the many people that is skeptical of leases, then it is time to put your fears to rest. Leasing is a great decision for many individuals and families. And, when you lease a Toyota from Ressler Motors, we work hard to make you feel confident that all of your needs will be taken care of for the length of the lease and that your leasing experience will be a great one.

Low Monthly Rates

If you have been trying to decide whether you are going to buy a vehicle or lease one, then consider your monthly budget. The monthly payment on a new vehicle can be $300 or more per month. Lease options are often much less, and you can lease a new Toyota for less than $200/month. And, the monthly lease payment goes toward owning the vehicle down the road, if that is what you choose. For the duration of the lease, your payment will be paid to the dealership, and at the end of the lease you can decide to purchase the vehicle. All of the monthly payments will be applied toward the purchase price of the vehicle and then you can refinance the remaining balance, which will usually keep your payments the same or less.

Don’t Pay for Maintenance

For the life of the lease, you can take your Toyota in for any and all servicing. For new Toyotas, this usually means bringing your Toyota into the dealership every 5,000 miles. You will not only get a free service, but they will also give you a fresh car wash. Your new car will stay looking new and running like you just drove it off the lot, with zero cost to you.

Reasons to Love Toyota

Toyotas have some of the highest loyalty ratings among consumers. People love the safety ratings, sleek design, and longevity of Toyota vehicles. Nearly 95 percent of all Toyotas purchased in the last 20 years are still on the road. That means that when you decide to lease, and potentially buy after your lease ends, you will be driving this vehicle for years to come. Think about it, your lease could be your child’s first vehicle.

Leasing a Toyota is a great way to test out a vehicle to see if you truly want to buy it. And, you won’t have to go through the rigamarole of selling your vehicle after a couple of years because it did not fit your lifestyle. After the lease is up, you can simply return the vehicle to the dealership, switch into a new lease, or decide to buy. It is perfect for finding the right car to fit your lifestyle. If you have questions, stop by Ressler Motors in Bozeman and let them ease any fears that may remain about leasing. You will not be disappointed.

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