Benefits of Buying from Your Local Dealer

July 21st, 2015 by

Check Local First & Buy Your Car in Bozeman

You have probably heard the phrase, “buy local.” And when you hear that phrase, you probably think of the local farmers’ market, or maybe the local jewelry or clothing stores downtown. But have you ever thought about “buying local” when it comes to your vehicle needs? Ressler Motors is community born and community driven. When we think “buy local,” we know that means supporting the community in every sense of the phrase. In addition, we want the community to know why supporting their local dealership is important.

A Community That Stands Together, Thrives Together

We are firm believers that when a business in the community is thriving, the community is also thriving. Unlike big businesses or huge car dealerships in big cities, we make sure to give back to the community. We know the Little League schedule (you can find it here: because our sons and daughters play on the teams. We are not just your local dealer, we are your neighbor and your friend. Supporting your local dealer means supporting the small-town community. Just like helping local farmers at the farmers’ market, your business helps cultivate and grow more than just our dealership.

You Can Buy Cheaper

When you buy local at Ressler Motors, it can also be more economical. By cutting costs on large dealer fees, salaries, and kick-backs, we can pass huge savings on to our customers. Why should you pay $50,000 for a brand-new truck when you can buy one on our lot for $36,000? We promote the American Dream by helping your family stay on budget without compromising on your needs and wants.

Finally, we want to meet you. We are not in the business of meeting numbers, but we are in the business of meeting people. When you come by the lot to test drive a vehicle, you are making a connection with us that won’t be forgotten. You are more to us than a paycheck or a profit. We were born in Montana, and we drive in Montana. There are so many benefits of buying from your local dealer that we cannot list them all. You are a part of our Ressler family and we hope you trust us to provide the best service and vehicle for yours. Buy local: It’s more than just vegetables.

Follow us on Facebook

If you have not followed Ressler Motors on Facebook yet, please do. We are engaged with the community. Recently, we featured a career-driven post that will hopefully help local community members find careers in our area. We are able to sponsor events like this because of the business given to us by you, the community. Without you, we cannot help others. Without you, we are reaching out with fewer hands.