Being Bear Aware Hiking in Bozeman

July 1st, 2015 by


Hiking is great fun for your family. The fresh air, the natural beauty, the relief of pulling your kids away from technology for the day. However, there is one thing that can potentially ruin a fun hike and something that you need to be aware of on each and every hike you take as a family – bears. Bears can turn a fun-filled day of hiking into a nightmare in seconds. That is why it is very important to be aware and know what to do if you and your friends and family encounter a bear on one of your hikes near Bozeman. Here are some tips for when you are out on the trail:

Carry Bear Spray

When you are out hiking, it is a good idea to always carry a can of bear spray with you. Perhaps one of the more well-known bear sprays is the UDap Bear Spray. This spray retails for around $40, but is worth every penny. It can snap onto your day pack and be easily available in case you encounter a bear. Another well-know bear spray is called Counter Attack. It is also a good choice. It is important that you get a bear spray that is recognizable and known for its potency and excellence in bear protection. If you need some additional advice when it comes to purchasing bear spray, check in with avid hikers, or the experts at one of the local outdoor shops.

Hike in Groups

Bears typically stay away from loud noises. What makes them agitated is when they are startled by quiet hikers. Take a big group hiking, or if hiking with one or two people, don’t be quiet. Take along a dog, have loud conversations, and make your presence known.

Never Run

No matter what you do, if you encounter a bear, do not try to run away. Bears love the chase, and you will never outrun a bear that is aggravated. Hunter safety information recommends that hikers play dead when encountering a bear. Be as still as possible and never look up. Of course, always use your bear spray first.

Have a wonderful summer out there on the trails! Be safe and enjoy all that the Gallatin Valley has to offer.