5 Hidden Gems in Bozeman

December 19th, 2015 by

Tired of the same ‘ol, same ‘ol boring Bozeman life? Probably not. Does the sky get tired of the sunrise? Does Scrooge McDuck get tired of swimming in his money? Does Tom Brady get tired of living with Giselle Bunchdejglahakdsjflen? No! None of those are even possible in the history of the world. Even still sometimes the sky likes a rainstorm, sometimes Scrooge just sunbathes by the gold, and sometimes you want to see something new about Bozeman. Here are

5 Hidden Gems in Bozeman

you shouldn’t miss!

Stockyard Cafestockyard calfe

This down-home, gritty, old-school cafe is a true Bozeman treat. Literally hidden down a dirt road, flanked by the old Story Mill silos, this cafe is open when it feels like it. The food is a throwback to when food used to be something hearty to sustain you throughout the day. The pancakes have gluten, the eggs are made in butter, and the bacon is bacon. Even if you find it, you may not be able to go in, because they will close whenever they want to. But it’s worth a try.

Dinosaur Park

dino parkJust off of the fire station on Davis, the Dinosaur Park and surrounding open land is an amazing Bozeman park! The playground is amazing and one of the only ones fenced in! And when the kids are done with the awesome bridges, swings, and tunnels, you can walk across a little path to a great duck pond where you’ll often see dogs swimming for tennis balls in the summer months. A newly added “beach” portion is great for swimming or practicing your paddle boarding. And if you like running, you can jog through the park on a trail, around the ponds, around a small dirt hill used for sledding in the winter. It truly is one of the best parks around.

Bridger Creek

bridger creek golf courseNot as popular as Riverside Country Club, Bridger Creek is a fantastic golf choice for those who want to pay a little less and still get a gorgeous round of golf in. Surrounded by the majestic Bridger Mountains, and long stretches of greens, it’s hard to have a bad round of golf here.




Emerson Grill

emerson grillYes, the Emerson Center for Arts and Cultural has a restaurant! And it is upscale, delicious, and fun! Gourmet menus, rustic fancy setting, and a friendly staff, you really can’t miss this place. It’s great for an intimate dinner, or use their side room for a bigger party and celebrate in style!






Norris Hot Springs

Norris-Hot-Springs_Montana_Living-Bozeman1Just outside of Bozeman, Norris Hot Springs is a fun, relaxing getaway! Throw on your suit, and bring some cash (they don’t let you bring your own drinks in), and relax with a cold beer in the steaming natural hot spring waters with the mountains as your walls, and the open sky your ceiling. Jump out when you get too hot and listen to the live band for a while, before jumping back in and turning into a prune. No one will blame you.