5 Games to Play With Kids on Road Trips

June 22nd, 2017 by

If you are headed out on the road this summer, keeping your kids busy and involved makes the drive easier, and more enjoyable for all. Bring back those fun memories of your childhood by playing games in the car with your kids. Big or small, your family will enjoy the fun, adventure, and togetherness that playing games brings. So when you are ready to head out the door, remember the road games and make your family trip a memorable one.

I Spy

I Spy is a fun game for families with kids older than toddler ages. Decide who goes first and the fun starts from there. The person who’s turn it is looks out the window or around in the car and selects an object to get the other people to guess. Start out your turn by saying “I spy with my little eye something……” and choose a descriptive world like a color or shape. Go around the vehicle with everyone taking a turn guessing. Better move fast or the object outside of the window will be gone fast as you drive down the road. Go around the car with everyone having a turn, and let the fun begin with I Spy.

20 Questions

In the game 20 questions, one person starts by thinking of something in their head and giving answers to the questions of the other people in the car as they try to guess what it is that you are thinking of. It doesn’t matter what you choose, there is no wrong answer. Choose a famous person, a fruit, or even an animal. An example of a question that someone could ask is “Is the thing that you are thinking of orange in color?” Remember 20 questions when you are feeling bored on your family road trip this summer.

The Singing Game

Who doesn’t love singing? If you love to sing, then the singing game might the perfect game for you and your family on those long and short trips. Start out by one person singing the lyrics of a song for one line and the next person continues on where the first person left off. Carry on throughout the whole song and see just how many songs you and your family members can get through. Make driving fun by playing the Singing Game the next time you hit the road this summer.

The License Plate Game

If you are looking for a great game for you and your family to play on a cross country trip this summer, why not play the license plate game? The license plate game is as easy to play as it is to say. See if you can find a license plate from every one of the states on the cars that you go by on the road. Make a checklist, check them off as you go, and see just how many you can find. Which one do you think will be the hardest?

Cows on My Side

Cows on my side is a fun and simple way to make any road trip fun in the country on your next road trip. While driving, if you see cows on the side of your car simply shout out “Cows on my side!” Each time you shout out the call you earn a point. To make things even more fun, if you see a graveyard on your side of the road should out “Ghost Cow!” This takes a point away from your opponent and give it to you. Set a point total, choose a destination as a stopping point, or be creative and figure out a fun way to choose the winner. Cows on my side, a great game for big fun on your next road trip.

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