4Runner the true Montana vehicle

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What makes the Toyota 4Runner the true Montana vehicle?


Time tested and improved the original 4Runner dates back to 1984 when Toyota modified the Hilux truck to fit the need for a new SUV, the second generation still borrowed its roots from the Hilux and introduced a full steel body integrated to the frame and brought us to 1995. Third and fourth generations welcomed increase popularity and lead us to where we are today with the fifth generation 4Runner. Today the 4Runner is one of the few SUV’s on the market to incorporate a body on chassis, giving the vehicle more strength, dependability and is easier to replace pieces if areas are damaged. To dive into the history of the 4Runner, check out this site.


The combination of body on frame construction and a selection of trim levels to gear the 4Runner to individual uses make the vehicle one of the most rugged on the road today. The mid-trim level Trail Edition upgrades suspension and comes with a couple additions to aid in off road adventuring. Available features include Crawl Control, a locking rear differential, terrain select and a KDSS system. Crawl Control allows drivers the ability to focus on steering while the car itself regulates accelerator and break inputs to maintain a pre-selected speed over any terrain. KDSS is a mechanical system that allows the car to disengage its’ stabilizer bars allowing for even greater travel in the suspension and helps regulate body roll. The Trail Edition 4Runner comes off the lot ready to take on the rugged trails of Montana.

For more information about the KDSS watch this Toyota video:


The Fifth Generation 4Runner is paired with the time tested 4.0L V6 engine producing 270 hp and 278 lb.-ft. The 4.0L is paired with a rugged and proven 5 speed automatic transmission. The 4.0L V6 is equipped with VVT-I technology which varies the timing between the intake and exhaust valve openings to aid in optimizing fuel efficiency and power.


The 4Runner is a “must see” (and experience) vehicle for every Montana lifestyle.  My name is Anders Raine and I want to be your Toyota Sales Professional. Give me a call (406-585-2002), an email (araine@resslermotors.com) or stop in and ask for me at Toyota of Bozeman. Also, check out our present inventory of 4Runners – click link HERE

For some incredible stories and adventure in 4Runner’s watch this playlist:


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