2018 Chevrolet Traverse vs 2017 Chevrolet Traverse

January 29th, 2018 by

Chevrolet Traverse Ressler Motors

The Chevrolet Traverse gives you ultimate space and drivability in the form of an SUV. Whether you are looking for something to get the kids to school or get the days shopping home, the Traverse can do it all. This is not just a one-note SUV that settles for less than stellar looks or performance. For 2018 this remarkable vehicle continues to perform well and give you plenty of reasons to love it. Come take a look at all the features and upgrades that come with the 2018 model year on the lot of Ressler Motors in Bozeman Montana; we promise that you will be glad that you did.

Big Time Looks, Come Standard

The Chevrolet Traverse gives you great looks and outstanding curb appeal with every model year, but the new model year gives you even more reasons to love your ride. Features include a more prominent grille and a square hood that make the 2018 Traverse stand out from the crowd. Additionally, standard and available LED lighting feature to give you better quality and longevity of the lighting that you depend on.

A Well Designed Interior You WIll Love

When you spend a lot of time in your vehicle, a well designed and thought out interior will make the difference between comfort and discomfort. In 2018, the upgraded and remodeled interior of the Traverse gives you more legroom than previous model years with upgrades to the shape of the seats. The new dashboard and console is more flowing and efficient than ever before. While reading about it is one thing, experiencing them first hand is another. See them all at Ressler Motors today.

Take the New Traverse For a Spin

The best way to experience all of these upgrades and changes is by taking one for a test drive. If you would like to get behind the wheel of the new Traverse, simply call the friendly staff of Ressler Motors in Bozeman Montana to schedule your test drive, or simply stop by and talk to one of our professional sales staff in person. We promise that you are going to love all of the changes that 2018 brings to the Traverse. One drive is all that it will take and you will be hooked. Great cars, great people – Ressler Motors.