2017 Toyota Highlander vs 2016 Toyota Highlander

May 23rd, 2017 by

If you already own a 2016 Toyota Highlander, you probably already know what a great SUV it is. Versatile, practical, and fun to drive, but the engineers at Toyota never rest on their laurels. They take a great idea and build off of it to give you the most current, best adapted driving machine for today’s high demand driving experience. The 2017 model year continues this proud tradition and sets the bar extremely high for both those who currently own a later model year, and for the SUV marketplace in general.

What’s in a Look?

The Toyota Highlander with its distinct lines and features is hard to mistake, but tweaking those great features gives you an even more exciting look that we are sure you will love as well. Prominent features like the trapezoidal grill have been increased in size to stand out more. A new look to the headlights and taillights is subtle, but effective to enhance the overall look of the Highlander. Add to that the standard LED lighting, and you have a practical and tasteful evolution of this already great vehicle.

Under the Hood

The overall look of the 2017 Highlander has changed slightly, but it doesn’t end there. The 2017 model also boasts some significant changes under the hood as well. An all new V6 engine that produces a whopping 295 horsepower and 263 lb-ft of torque is a significant upgrade from lasts years model and still manages to produce even better fuel economy. The 2017 model gives you an impressive 21 mpg city and 27 mpg highway in EPA estimated fuel economy. Pretty significant when every dollar spent at the pump matters.

Ressler Motors and The Toyota Highlander

Taking a test drive is the only way to experience the feel of the upgrades of the 2017 model year of the Toyota Highlander. One trip around the block or across town and you will know why upgrading to the new model year simply makes sense. The new looks and upgraded fuel economy are great, but the soul of the vehicle remains proudly Toyota. Come see the wide selection that Ressler Motors offers, and get into a brand new 2017 Toyota Highlander for less.