How the 2016 Toyota Tacoma Crawl Feature

January 15th, 2016 by

Getting stuck in the mud or sand is funny – in the movies. It always leads to a hysterical journey across a desert, where two or more friends overcome some sort of wacky obstacles, possibly involving a giant recurring snake, a mirage, and a quirky reenactment of a Star Wars scene. Maybe someone will even fall in love. Who knows, it’s the desert! Anything can happen! In the end they realize if they’d walked five minutes in the other direction they would have found a bustling town, and everyone laughs about it and things end with a high-five.How the 2016 Toyota Tacoma Crawl Feature - Ressler Motors Bozeman, MT

In real life, this is not how things usually go. Getting your truck stuck in the sand sucks. It ruins your day, your axles, and basically your will to live. Eventually you will get pulled out, but that’s after hours of waiting and lots of money. Plus, we’re pretty sure no one is falling in love or getting a good storm trooper impression in while baking in the sun wishing they kept an “emergency kit” with snacks and water in their cab like their mom always told them to.

That is when the 2016 Toyota Tacoma crawl feature comes into play! It literally, crawls it’s way out of the sand it’s stuck in, and frees you up in no time at all! Sure you won’t get to work on that tan, or wrestle a snake, but let’s be honest. Neither of those things are really good for you anyway.

How It Works

If you were ever afraid of robots taking over the world, don’t be. It’ll probably be cars. With new technology, the 2016 Toyota Tacoma has sensors on all the wheels that detect slippage, or being stuck in something. Then with the push of the button – and nothing else – the wheels are moved into a low 4th gear and they work slowly to dig out the sand and essentially make a little sand ramp behind each wheel. When it has been detected there’s enough sand and pressure behind every wheel, the truck slowly backs out of a seemingly impossible situation, and drives away. It’s just that easy. And no need to worry about damaging the brakes, as the Tacoma still features rear drum brakes, keeping them safe from sand damage. So, get out there and drive wherever you want! The 2016 Toyota Tacoma crawl feature will help you out in a matter of minutes so you can get back on your adventure!

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