2014 Holiday Community Involvement

December 3rd, 2014 by


Ressler Holiday Community Involvement

We live in a tremendously giving and caring community in Bozeman MT.  This attitude of giving and caring has created a host of opportunities to reach out to those in need through Community Involvement.  This Holiday Season, Ressler Motors is ramping up its efforts by joining with other local organizations to make this season a season of joy for all.  Our hope is that after reading this blog you too will be better informed of community outreach programs happening in and around Bozeman and that you will get out and get involved in a community involvement initiative that both suits you and will meet the needs of members of our community.

Kiwanis – Cakes for Kids Breakfast

The Bozeman Kiwanis’ 90th Annual Cakes for Kids is taking place in early December. Ressler has been a proud sponsor of this community involvement event because of the great work that the Bozeman Kiwanis perform this time of year and year round.  The Bozeman Kiwanis is ordinary people like me or you doing EXTRAORDINARY things to impact others.  Kiwanis members are active in the revitalization neighborhoods, tutoring, youth-sports programs, building playgrounds, and countless other projects to help children and communities.  From getting involved in the Kiwanis programs to simply showing up to eat some pancakes at the Cakes for Kids breakfast, the Kiwanis are a local community involvement opportunity for you and your family.

Hope Lutheran Church – Christmas Shoppe

The Hope Lutheran Church Christmas Shoppe is a program Ressler is sponsoring and encouraging because it is unique, creative and meets families where they are.  A “Christmas Shoppe” is created using donated items.  Area children from needy families are allowed to “shop” the aisles for gifts that they would like to give to others.  These are then wrapped by volunteers and given to these children so that they can in turn experience the joy of giving to their loved ones.  If you would like to give, serve, or become involved in any way please contact the Hope Lutheran Church for more information.

Black Diamond Equipment – Bozeman Ice Festival

Did you know that Bozeman is a world renowned destination for Ice Climbing?  Ressler Motors is sponsoring the Bozeman Ice Festival, presented by Black Diamond Equipment on Dec. 11th through 14th.  This festival will take place in Hyalite Canyon and all proceeds from this event will benefit the Friends of Hyalite, a local 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Friends of Hyalite seeks to support access into Hyalite Canyon for winter and year round activities.  Take part and take advantage of this opportunity for community involvement through attending, participating or donating.

Youth Dynamics Group Home

This year Ressler Motors will be providing Youth Dynamics with Christmas gifts for their local children’s home.  Youth dynamics is an organization committed to Montana children and teens who are dealing with behavioral or mental health issues, many of which are survivors of abuse or trauma.  We consider it an honor to join Youth Dynamics in seeking to brighten the lives of these dear children.

Ressler Motors – Christmas Dinner Boxes

Ressler Motors will be continuing to develop and grow its community involvement through its Christmas Dinner Box program.  Ressler will be providing individuals in need this holiday season with a Christmas dinner box containing non-perishable food items. Each dinner box will be provided with a voucher valued at $25 to purchase perishable items (i.e. turkey, ham, butter) to be redeemed at Town and Country Foods. These boxes will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis from 11:00am-2:00pm in the Toyota showroom on the corner of Gooch Hill Rd and Huffine Lane (limit one box per family). Ressler Motors will be distributing 85+ dinners for the holiday!

These are a quick list of some of the specific Holiday events that Ressler Motors is sponsoring in 2014.  As a company, Ressler Motors, is and will continue to be committed to be a year-round partner with the organizations who are seeking to benefit the people in our area.  Our tag line is “Community Born/Community Driven” and we seek to flesh this out through our commitment to community involvement.  Join us in making Bozeman a better place for everyone!