Used Cars in Bozeman, MT

Ressler Motors has the largest selection of used cars in Southwest Montana, and it changes on a daily basis. The best part, though, is that most of our used inventory comes from local Bozeman residents like you. We prefer to get our used cars from Bozeman people because we know that you take care of your vehicle. We can not get that kind of guarantee when buying from some of the national auctions. One of the things that sets our used cars apart from some of the other car dealerships in Bozeman is the sheer detail we put when detailing them. One of the most common compliments we get is how clean all of our vehicles are, and how much detail we put into the whole cleaning process.

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What You Should Consider When Buying a Used Car in Bozeman

Before our used cars are allowed to hit the lot they must first pass a 110 point inspection, and a road test done by one of our experienced technicians. We do both of these because we want to make sure we put out the highest quality of used vehicles we can. Even so, here are some of the things that you should consider when purchasing a used vehicle in Bozeman or anywhere else.

1. Vehicle History

Before you purchase a used vehicle, you should definitely check out a vehicle history report just to see if it had been in any major accidents. Ressler Motors offers complimentary vehicle history reports to all of our customers, so feel free to contact us today about any of the vehicles on our lot!

2. Vehicle Reputation

We'd love to say that all used vehicles are great, but you and I both know that isn't true. So, make sure you take a look on websites like to read reviews about the vehicles you are interested in. That way you can come test drive our used cars in Bozeman with confidence.

3. Average Price

One of the most well known names for vehicle pricing is Kelly Blue Book. KBB utilizes a pricing algorithm to come up with an accurate pricing structure for used vehicles. This tool is great because if gives you a real idea of what the vehicle might be worth. Unfortunately, these tools aren't able to take into account some factors, but you can still use the tool to get a guestimate. So, if you see a vehicle that you think is a little overpriced, give us a call to ask why it's priced as it is. Most of the time it's because the vehicle is in such amazing condition, or it has some additions that we forgot to mention on the website.

The other test is de-accelerating pretty quickly. Find an area where you are able to stop your vehicle fairly quickly without getting into an accident. The latter part is the most important. Again, if the vehicle pulls either direction you might need an alignment.